Basic SEO for beginners and how it works

Basic SEO for beginners and how it works

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You may have found yourself here trying to understand basic SEO from a genuine interest in boosting your business or just from curiosity. Whatever the reason, you have made an excellent choice. This is one of the first major steps in helping your business grow and getting your business further up the ever-changing ladder of customer searches.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a proven way in which businesses can organically increase the quality and quantity of traffic to their website. SEO works by tweaking and optimizing your website so search engines and, more importantly, customers can discover your website and find the information they are looking for effectively and efficiently.

Basic SEO for beginners and how it works​

Website Content

Let’s start with the most important aspect of SEO, your website content. Having quality and reliable content on your website not only helps your customers but also helps search engines determine if your website is what the customer is searching for and how valuable that information may be to the customer. If you have low-quality content or very little content then search engines are more likely to favour other websites with more content over yours.

Meta titles and descriptions

Meta titles….descriptions….what is this? When you search something, the results display as a page title with the website address underneath, then underneath that is a short description of what is on that page. This is meta titles and descriptions. The more accurate and engaging this is the more clicks you are likely to get. Think of it as a book, on the front cover you have its title and on the back you have the blurb which will give you an enticing, short description of what it is about. You can have the same for your webpage’s.

You should also include keywords for your site in here. Speaking of keywords…. let’s move on to this important aspect of SEO.


Keywords are what a user types into search engines to find websites. Having the correct and most effective keywords on your website is a necessity if you want to be found organically in search results. To have the most impact, the keywords should be terms that people search for and that is related to your business area. Keywords should be contained in your content and meta data to be effective.

YouTube Keywords


So you have a website and engaging content, great! You now need others to talk about and link your content on other websites. These links are called backlinks and search engines use these to determine if your site is trustworthy and relevant. The more engaging and useful your content, the more likely others will talk about it and post a link to your site so others can view it. This is essentially word-of-mouth online and can be a powerful tool to increase organic traffic to your website.


As with most information on the web, directories can be accessed online so you can find the businesses you need within a matter of seconds. Ensuring you have all your necessary business contact details online is essential for you to be visible to your customers. Not only is it essential to have this but it must be kept updated if anything changes, for example, a contact number or address. As there are many different directories online, it is good practice to have your information on more than one as different types of customers will rely on different directories to find the information. Directories also allow your customers to review your business. This is a great way of opening up communication with your customers; respond to feedback or questions and to help build your brand reputation.

Social Media

Another great way to open up communication and interact with your customers is by using social media. Having a social media presence can allow you to interact with your customers, provide business updates and promote your brand with interesting and engaging content. With social media growing every day and new features being added, it’s no wonder that brands use social media as a tool to spread the word of their business and increase their sales!

As you can see, there are numerous aspects to SEO and they all play an important role.

Improving your SEO will not only boost your website traffic organically it can also increase the reliability and trust of your business… something all businesses should strive to achieve. 

So why not let Ryzit help you transition your business into the future of marketing.



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